Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Art Expressions through Clay

Aleli on 8/29 and 8/30 has worked on making things out of Clay. She has done this as her art activity for both days. She built several things in several colors with Clay.

A Thank You Note

Last Week 8/22-8/26

Last week we discussed Science things like Earthquakes and Hurricanes. Since we experienced the East Coast Earthquake last week here on the Mountains of North Carolina. It was not too much but a small wave at our home but we got to experience first hand an Earthquake. We got to feel it and observe the situation before and after an Earthquake. So we tuned in to the news and the aftermath of the East Coast Earthquake . Then we got ready to track Hurricane Irene's track as well. We know it would impact the North Carolina Coast line. We only got maybe 14 mph Winds last Saturday night at our home. This experience made my daughter learn more about Weather Forcasts, Tracking, Radars on Satellite TV like Direct TV. She was able to follow Hurricane Irene's path from North Carolina to Vermont. So we took last week as themed as Science in the real world.  We are now getting back to other topics. She also did worksheets last week leasrning about Fractions and Words with Long Vowels. However, the big focus was on the Weather. She also learned about Plants and how a pumpkin can grow up to 10 lbs. She wa learning the cycle of a plant. 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

8/18/2011 Dear Diary Activity

Journal Writing in the most basic form. She is making her own Dear Diary. Aleli is practicing to write her thoughts into a journal.She is writing simple sentences like ---> My car is sick. She also asks for words to be spelled out for her if she does not know them. She is practicing to write.

She is also keeping a Nature Sketch Book/Composition Book. She will be keeping tabs on her ant habitat.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Guided Reading/ Story Time 8/17

For Story Time I read to Aleli the book : Castaway cats by: Lisa Wheeler . This book gets kids reviewing basic math - counting the cats through out the story. We discussed the book.  She also practiced her writing and drawing . She practiced pc skills online as well.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Science: A Balloon Rocket Experiment

Used Book ChildCraft -The Universe

 Balloon Rocket Experiment"  We observed the balloons behavior and see if it could do the action of a Rocket.  According to the Book ( pg 159) " A real rocket works in a similar way.  Burning fuels make gases that rush out of the rocket and propel it into outer space." 

Aleli helped make the Ballon Rocket and we tried it several times.

What Your Second Grader needs to know by: E.D Hirsch Jr

Went to the Library. Picked up the copy of the book - What Your Second Grader Needs to Know by E. D Hirsch Jr. This Core Knowledge Curriculum has been used in schools like Three Oaks Elementary in Lee County, Florida in the 90's and reviewed by experts in education.  What we will explore from this book in the next few days:

Language and Literature
1. Reading, Writing and Second Grader Tips
    * Read Aloud Regularly & Talk about what they are reading
    * Take the children to the Library
Topics to Explore : Literature -Poetry-Stories-American Tall Tales-Myths from Ancient Greece
                                Learning about Language
                                *Sentences * Writing Sentence Rules
                                *Nouns,Verbs,Adjectives,Using Capital Letters

World History & Geography - Review 7 Continents , Important Oceans , Maps